Farm Fresh Milk 1L


Quantity: 1 liter

We bring you fresh milk within 24 hours of milking from farms where cows are free to move around and fed on freshly cut green fodder everyday. The cows are milked using milking machines in a hygienic and safe environment. Our panel of veterinary doctors ensure to follow nature aligned practices at the farms. We monitor and maintain the cold chain from milking to your doorstep to ensure that extra freshness. The milk is pasteurized and homogenized which makes it completely safe for human consumption. We are the first in India to launch the ‘gable top’ packaging for milk; an eco-friendly paper based recyclable packaging. Being opaque in nature, it protects our milk from any harmful exposure unlike plastic or glass bottles. At every step, we ensure our operation is responsibly designed to preserve the quality and freshness of our milk.



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