A2 Milk

What makes woohoo as a brand so unique? The answer is quite simple, it’s the personalized care and attention we give in all that we do and believe in to make the woohoo experience delightful to our customers. And this permeates into every aspect of our business, right from our free-grazing cows, nature aligned practices at the farms, hygienic and safe milking techniques and quality standards to hand-picked nutritious ingredients, and even eco-friendly habits. Fresh, nutritious and timely deliveries at your doorstep are the basic fundamentals woohoo as a brand rests on. And it doesn’t stop there, we are the first in India to launch the ‘gable top’ packaging for milk; an eco-friendly paper based recyclable packaging. Being opaque in nature, it protects our milk from any harmful exposure unlike plastic or glass bottles. As you browse our website and experience our products, you will feel the love and care put into each woohoo product. Do download the ‘easy-to-navigate’ woohoo app, always loaded with offers, and wish you a happy experience! - Team woohoo

Our Doodh

Milked, homogenized & pasteurized in less than 5 hours. Untouched by human hands.

Woohoo is a pure, cow milk brand with a promise to home deliver within 24 hours of milking. Followed by thorough research on how the dairy system operates, woohoo doodh was born to bring in effective change to create quality milk and spread happiness amongst our farmers, cattle, consumers and the team that makes it happen! Woohoo inculcates the use of modern day milking machines which are quicker, more efficient and comfortable for the cows as it does not harm their udders.

Our Cows


A ‘happy’ heard of cows!

Woohoo promotes ‘Open Housing’ popularly known as the open farming model to ensure the cows are always free-grazing as per their comfort and convenience. Living a stress-free life, the cows are never tied up and there is no performance pressure either with our strict farm-wide ban on supplements and hormones. Each cow is milked twice a day and usually gives 12 to 15 litres or whatever she is happy to. The cows are fed on high quality freshly cut organic fodder for wholesome nutrition. The fodder is home grown and straight from the farms, free of chemicals and pesticides.

Our Doctors

It’s always our cows first!

Every cow has a unique tag to monitor their health 24x7. They are put on a regimen of natural fodder, with and without legumes. Our certified team of doctors visit each cow on her farm every week for a routine health check and stress levels. Every batch of milk procured from our farmers is lab tested and analysed daily to ensure there is no adulteration and to maintain the high quality standard of milk accepted from our farmers.

  • Certified team of doctors
  • Cows undergo 24x7 health check
  • Milk is lab tested daily
  • Preventive care

Our Packaging

Our Gable Top packs preserve the freshness of milk and are eco-friendly too!

For our milk, we are the first in India to choose the Gable Top pack, a paper based packaging made from 90% recyclable paper. Being fully opaque in nature, there is no formation of harmful bacteria thus keeps the milk fresh for 4 days. The Gable Top pack is the perfect replacement for glass bottles, plastic milk pouches and aseptic packs. And extremely environment-friendly too!

  • Germ-free as the packs are totally opaque
  • Replacement to the regular glass bottles
  • Gable Top pack keeps the milk fresh for 4 days
  • Eco-friendly & made from 90% recyclable paper