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Woohoo A2 Milk
A2 Milk ₹ 120 / Liter

Not all animals produce milk with the same kind of nutrients. While it is important to know that the primary protein in milk is beta-casein, traditional dairy cows produce milk that contains proteins in two forms, A1 and A2 beta-casein types. It has been discovered that the native Indian breed of Gir cows contains only A2 beta-casein type which as they say is more easily digestible and has several health benefits. It is also considered to be closer to mother’s milk, hence nutritious for your little ones too! Gir cows are well-known to be a robust breed, best suited for the Indian climate and with a negligible disease incidence.

12000+ families served
1.2 Million+ litres of milk delivered

Nature alligned practices used for farming
No hormones administered for extra yield
Delivered within 24 hours of milking
Packed in eco-friendly paper based cartons


Testionial 1

Thank you for supplying us #A2milk with great quality
& packaging. You have elevated my daily milk experience!

- Geetanjali Gupta
Testionial 2

Just started with your subscription of A2 milk after tasting a sample and I must congratulate woohoo for the qualitative product. Thanks for saving us from adulterated milk!

- Prateek Rampuria